Organic Skin Care Products
Most women have this habit of collecting beauty products and may even have several products claiming to do the same thing. Has it ever made you wonder why? There is a simple truth to why women collect and buy so many different beauty products – they are simply not getting the results they think the products should deliver. But what products deliver the results you have always been looking for? If you are thinking along those lines, you need to go for organic skin care products.

Why Do Organic Skin care Products Work?

To answer that question there are a few things that you need to know about your skin. First of all, you need to know the skin is actually an organ. Just like the liver, heart and brain, the skin is an organ. In fact, it is the largest organ in the body. Apart from the liver, it is the organ which works the hardest.

The skin has many tasks to do, and to list them all would probably mean writing as many words as you would find in a modern dictionary. That being said, the skin does have its own language, and if we pay attention, it does speak to us. For instance, if we use a product the skin does not like, it will tell you by developing a rash.

You see, the skin acts as a barrier, and warns you that these conventional skin care products you are trying to use, are not liked by the immune system. It contains too many products which the immune system does not recognize and is immediately “kicked out”. This is why you have developed a rash.

That does not happen when you use natural skin care products. The ingredients in organic skin care products are recognized by the immune system, and are “allowed in”. The rest is simple – once a product is “ allowed in” it can go to work.

Declutter Your Beauty Products TODAY and Improve Your Health and Look Better

Natural and Organic skin care products will always work with the skin and not against it. It can be easy to blame our wrinkles on age, but wrinkles are not a natural part of the aging process. Sure, a woman’s skin may become drier when she goes through the menopause, but don’t blame your wrinkles on the menopause, change your skincare instead.

Instead of using harsh drying conventional skincare products on your skin, switch to natural skin care products which will heal your wrinkles.

The Miracle of Calendula

Calendula, or the common garden marigold, has long been used to care for skin. No, it does not matter what the girl behind that top brand beauty counter tells you, it is not going to discolor your skin. Instead, you need to know the humble herb calendula has some amazing properties. Not only will it treat insect bites within hours, but with calendula, you are never going to buy a collagen cream again.

Why should I not by a collagen cream? Brand manufacturers make collagen creams sound great. If you believe the 20-year old who is trying to sell them to you, you can use them safely on any part of your face. Well, you probably can but it does not solve the problem. The reason why burns victims found calendula soothing is that compounds found in the plant kick-start the skin’s natural collagen production. When this happens, the moisture level of your skin will increase and wrinkles will naturally start to heal together.

Can you use calendula all over the face and neck? You certainly can and it will not cause a problem around the eye area. Check your eye area a few days after having started using the cream, and you may wonder where those crow’s feet have gone.

aloe vera is anti-inflammatoryYou can make any calendula skin care cream more effective by adding aloe vera. Did you know aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and will make your skin more receptive to the compounds in the calendula?

Go Nuts for Almonds!

Why should you go for nuts for almonds? We often think of the almond as a dry kernel. Almonds are anything bit dry kernels. They contain one of the best and richest oils in nature. You have probably heard of almond oil being used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy treatments. Therapists love working with it as it is a very light oil which is absorbed quickly.

There are other carrier oils, but for skin and hair care, almond oil is perfect. It is all down to its biochemistry structure which is unique to almonds. Almond oil allows other active ingredients to “tag on”. As other natural skin care products are added, they simply follow the oil into the skin cells.

Every single skin cells in your body contain a little power plant called the mitochondria. Not all oils can penetrate the mitochondria but almond oil can. This means any active ingredients it carries with it will also get through. Almond oil will not clog up your pores or make your hair feel greasy – it will simply get work and take any new found natural friends with it.

  • Body Scrub with Almond Shells and Olive Oil (250ml)

    • This Body Scrub with almond and olive beads is for everyday exfoliation. Based on mild naturally derived elements has moisturizing properties and it ensures a rejuvenating after shower experience, leaving your skin smooth and with a pleasant aroma.
    • Αυτή η κρέμα εντριβής σώματος με αμύγδαλα και ελιά είναι ιδανική ακόμη και για καθημερινή απολέπιση. Είναι βασισμένη σε ήπια φυσικά στοιχεία, έχει ενυδατικές ιδιότητες και εξασφαλίζει μια αναζωογονητική εμπειρία μετά το ντους, αφήνοντας το δέρμα σας λείο, μαλακό και αρωματισμένο.
    14.99 (19% VAT Included) Select options
  • Lifting Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Polypeptides (50ml)

    Lifting Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Polypeptides. This cream benefit the skin with its natural lifting effects and provide intense action while reducing imperfections making your skin velvet and younger. It contains Organic Olive Oil, Hyaluronic acid and Polypeptides. 50 ml Βιολογική Κρέμα Ανύψωσης Προσώπου. Αυτή η κρέμα με τα φυσικά ανυψωτικά που περιέχει, ωφελεί το δέρμα και μειώνει τις ατέλειες, κάνοντας το δέρμα σας βελούδινο και νεότερο. Περιέχει απόσταγμα οργανικού ελαιολάδου, Υαλουρονικό Οξύ και Πολυλεπτίδια.
    29.74 19.99 (19% VAT Included) Select options
  • Olive Oil Hand Cream with Argan Oil (250ml)

    Olive Oil Hand Cream with Argan Oil, is An ultra-hydrating cream with natural active ingredients and Hippophaes. It is not greasy and is carefully infused with pure argan oil and shea butter. The cream is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. 250ml Μια εξαιρετικά ενυδατική κρέμα με δραστικά φυσικά συστατικά και Ιπποφάες. Μη λιπαρή και εγχέεται με καθαρό Αργανέλαιο και Βούτυρο shea. ΚΑΤΑΛΛΗΛΗ ΓΙΑ ΟΛΟΥΣ ΤΟΥΣ ΤΥΠΟΥΣ ΔΕΡΜΑΤΟΣ
    24.99 (19% VAT Included) Select options

Biocosmetics are the only cosmetics which can reduce the signs of aging. Manufacturers make some amazing claims, but the thing is that the chemistry behind conventional products simply does not add up. Why develop a new product or compound when you don’t have to? It is all about branding and protecting copyright, and making as much money as possible. Large manufacturers know they can’t brand or copyright nature, and this is why they constantly develop new products. That does not mean their products are effective.

When it all comes down to it, it is only organic skin care products and natural skin care products which are effective. If you are still not convinced, ask that pretty young lady if she knows how the skin works, and if she has even heard of the mitochondria in skin cells. Does she know that how collagen production in the skin is increased? Maybe you are better off just to declutter your beauty products, save yourself some money and go for the natural solution instead.