Natural Alternatives to the Most Popular Beauty Treatments

Perfection is in high demand these days. Nothing sells better than a perfect face and an ideal body. Nothing less then perfect is acceptable. That’s why so many people all over the world turn to beauty treatments as a way to reach at least that physical perfection. According to statistics more than 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures and over 15.9 million minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in 2018.

Most of these procedures apart from being painful and invasive are also very expensive. Moreover, how good or bad these treatments are is irrelevant, what matters is the outcome – perfection. Long-term consequences and effects are not important, and they should be.

However, there are much cheaper and natural ways to achieve what you’re looking for. So, let’s see how you can replace all those expensive beauty treatments with more natural alternatives.

Natural alternatives to Botox

Botox is probably one of the most frequent beauty treatments out there. Regardless of how invasive and toxic it is, millions of women all over the world find themselves trying to erase the signs of age with it.

Botox treatment is basically an injection of botulinum toxin – a neurotoxin that inhibits the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction thus paralyzing the surrounding muscles. Botox is supposed to smooth the skin and reduce the wrinkles.

However, no one is exactly clear about it’s short-term and long-term effects. Apart from being painful and expensive, it is said that it can weaken the muscles and cause them to no longer contract on their own.

So, why do we still do it when there are other less painful and noninvasive, and above all, natural ways of preventing wrinkles? Let’s see how we can prevent the use of Botox in the first place.

Sunscreens are a good way to start. Wrinkles can be avoided with the regular use of sunscreens. The exposure to the sun is one of the reasons why wrinkles start appearing on our faces faster than they should. That’s why every time before you step out into the sun, make sure to use sunscreen that will protect your skin.

Water is important. We are made of water, that’s why we need it and that’s why it is so good for our health. By drinking water, we are keeping our bodies and skin hydrated and thus wrinkle-free. Also, if you want to avoid using Botox in the future try staying away from alcohol and cigarettes. Smoking, drinking and drug use can destroy both our skin and our body.

Instead, eat and drink foods rich in vitamins C and nutrients. Use skin products that contain fruit acids, omega 3 and 6 acids, vitamin E and so on.

 Alternatives to Lip Fillers

Having big, pouty lips is a popular trend these days. That’s why lip fillers are as popular as Botox is. And just like Botox, lip fillers are a procedure that requires an injection of a certain gel-like liquid. That liquid is known as hyaluronic acid and it’s used to make lips fuller and plumper.

Lip augmentation is an invasive procedure that has some side effects such as swelling, itching, and discoloration at the punctured place. The procedure itself is pretty invasive and painful.

But there are natural, non-invasive alternatives to lip fillers too. One such natural alternative includes a homemade recipe. And all you need is a bit of cinnamon powder and a cotton swab.

Put the slightly dampened cotton swab in cinnamon powder and gently apply it to your lips. Keep it there for a couple of minutes and then take the rest off. And there you go, plump lips (for a couple of hours) without an ounce of pain or botched procedure.

If you prefer, you can do all this but with peppermint oil instead of cinnamon powder – the procedure and result are the same.

Sugar exfoliation is another way to get fuller lips. Exfoliation increases blood-flow in your lips, leaving you with a bit of volume and rosier lip color.

Another good way to make your lips look fuller is by massaging them with ice cubes. Ice can temporarily compress your blood vessels making your lips look red and plump.

Losing weight naturally

Obesity is considered a serious medical condition that affects over 650 million people according to the World Health Organization. This medical condition causes many equally serious consequences such as heart diseases and even some cancers.

Many people still don’t realize how dangerous overweight and obesity can be, and how detrimental not only for their physical but psychological health as well. Dealing with obesity can be tricky.

Losing weight in a natural way is always the best and even though there is a lot of misinformation regarding natural methods to lose weight, there are some that are proven to be effective.

The first and easiest way to lose weight is to start drinking water. It is said that drinking water can increase calorie burning. Also, drinking water before each meal can help reduce calorie intake. Apart from weight loss water is good for many different health-related issues too. Plus, it is natural and it doesn’t cost much, so why not start from there.

Refined carbs are the enemy on the weight loss journey. Staying away from them, however, can be tricky because they can be found in many of the foods we eat daily. Those foods include white bread, white rice, pasta, pastries, snacks, and breakfast cereals. Start by lowering your daily intake of refined carbs and you are already on a good way of losing weight.

Another way of losing the unnecessary and dangerous weight is by doing some cardio exercises. Doing cardio can help prevent heart diseases and can reduce body weight. So, if you start jogging, swimming, running or cycling today and in just a short amount of time, you’ll see positive results.

However, in many cases, severely obese people can’t lose weight in a natural way. That’s why many surgical procedures such as lap band surgery or gastric bypass are recommended. These types of surgeries can help you get back to your normal life in no time and also help you control your weight. So, we can see that not all surgeries are bad, especially if they can save your life.

Natural anti-cellulite treatments

Natural anti-cellulite treatmentsCellulite is a problem that plagues every woman whether she is thin or overweight. It happens due to an imbalance in the connective tissue and fat in our bodies. The real question is what is the cause of this imbalance? It is said that causes vary from genetics and hormones to lifestyle and diet, or all combined. However, for obese and overweight people, the chances of getting cellulite are higher.

Getting rid of all the cellulite is every woman’s dream, so how to do it and can it actually be done? Cosmetic anti-cellulite procedures are very expensive and many times not even all that successful. Then, why waste all that money when you can do pretty much the same at the confines of your own home?

There are many different ways you can get rid of all that cellulite and some of them include dry brushing or coffee scrubs to name a few.

Dry brushing is a treatment that requires a brush with natural bristles and a bit of patience. Dry skin brushing helps stimulate blood flow, renewal of cells and promotes tighter skin. It should be performed daily or if possible, twice a day, right before showering while your skin is still dry.

Brushing should be done starting from the feet all the way up towards your chest. The point is not to brush too hard to irritate the skin but to stimulate it in order to better the blood flow. Brush in long sweeps towards your heart. Avoid circular and back and forth motions.

Coffee scrub is a homemade remedy that can help reduce cellulite as well. The massage and exfoliation with this scrub stimulate both blood and lymph flow and the caffeine from the coffee tightens the skin.

There are many different recipes but the principle is the same, massage the paste into the skin for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. Repeat the process several times a week and you’ll see results not long after.

Alternatives to Butt Lifts and implants

woman working out in the parkButt injections are a quick and cheap solution for augmentation of one’s buttocks. However, they are also dangerous and even illegal in many countries.

Compared to surgeries these injections are much cheaper, however, the real problem is not the cost but the safety and quality of those injections. Hydrogen or silicone injections are unsafe since they can travel to other parts of your body sometimes causing fatal side effects.

Similarly, silicone butt implants, even though they are surgically inserted into your buttocks can have some side effects as well. In most cases, this type of procedure is much safer than butt fillers but it can leave permanent marks on your bodies such as scars, skin loss or discoloration. Sometimes these implants can even slip out of place, leaving uneven appearance in the butt area. This again requires correctional surgery.

So, what are the alternatives to surgery and butt fillers you may wonder? The answer is pretty easy – a good workout.

There are many good exercises that target your buttock area and that can indeed make it bigger. The glutes, muscles in your butt area, can be augmented and toned with the right kind of exercises.

This may be a more difficult and slower way to getting your butt where you want it to be, but it’s a much more natural and certainly safer way.

Lash Extension Alternatives

Lash Extension AlternativesEyelash extensions are meant to be a longer-lasting solution to having a longer eyelash. But have you ever wondered about all the side effects these extensions bring?

Extensions do have potential risks to your eyes and skin. For example, the glue used to attach the lashes to your eyelids are made of chemicals and harmful ingredients that can seriously hurt your eyes. Some of the side effects include irritated eyes, burning, itching, and rash – sometimes even pain.

Allergies are also a very possible outcome. Different people are sensitive to different things, so you never know how you’ll react to a certain chemical. Eyelash extensions can also thin out your natural eyelashes.

Instead, use nourishing and conditioning serums to give volume to your natural eyelashes. The results are visible relatively fast and you won’t need to use any glue to make them appear larger. These types of serums are much safer compared to extensions.

Microdermabrasion Alternatives

Microdermabrasion AlternativesMicrodermabrasion is the treatment that targets mature skin, pigmentation and acne, and even scars. This procedure is meant to exfoliate your skin by removing dry and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin.

This procedure even though it’s non-invasive, uses a machine that can polish your skin using a stream of aluminum oxide crystals or a diamond tip. It is said that this procedure isn’t very painful, just a little uncomfortable and it leaves your skin red and tender. However, when applied over the scarred area it can be painful.

To avoid all the unnecessary pain, you can exfoliate your skin all by yourself and you can apply the amount of pressure that feels comfortable to you. Once again, the best way to exfoliate is with sugar. Sugar is the ideal exfoliator and all you need to do is wash your face with warm water and then dip your finger into the bowl of sugar. Apply those sugared fingers to your face, and gently in circular motions start massaging the sugar into your face, including your lips.

It’s a natural and very effective way to remove all the dead and dry skin from your body.

Not wanting to go under the knife for the sake of beauty is ok. Not everyone wants to submit themselves to those painful, invasive procedures that can seriously affect their health.

For those who prefer a more natural approach to beauty, you should know that there is always a much more natural solution. There are natural alternatives to popular beauty treatments and procedures that are much safer and even cheaper.

Knowing the long-term effects that all these procedures and treatments can cause more people would be considering the natural solutions and alternatives. But for now, let’s just say that nothing good ever came from quick solutions and fixes. Sooner or later it will show how bad those temporary quick fixes were for our overall wellbeing.