In today’s modern and increasingly polluted world, we need natural skin care more than ever before.
Natural Skin Care vs Conventional Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

Pollutants in the environment cause serious damage to our skin and can make their way into the bloodstream via the pores in our skin. To help to prevent and reduce the damage from environmental pollution, our skin will benefit from natural skin care.

But, it is not pollution is not the only factor to come into play. The sun can also cause damage, and as our world heats up, you are much more likely to experience skin damage through UV exposure. Conventional skin care products will not help as they are packed with parabens and other artificial ingredients.

Natural Skin and Organic Skin Care vs Conventional Skin Care

Conventional skin care beauty brands rely heavily on artificial compounds which will do more harm than good to your skin. Apart from parabens, they also contain a high quantity of alcohol in different forms. Alcohol in skin care does not benefit your skin at all. As a matter of fact, it will do the opposite and damage the skin.

Most people experience a “tighten” of the skin when they use a conventional product, and think this is good for the skin. Unfortunately, this sensation is anything but good for the skin. It is a sign of the skin drying out, and will eventually lead to wrinkles developing. The sensation comes from the alcohol in the product reacting with the natural oils in the skin and work against the health of the skin.

A natural skin care product will not do that. Instead of working against the skin, it will work with the skin and improve the health of the skin. Active antioxidants found in natural products have been proven to boost skin appearance and quality.

Many conventional manufacturers claim they use natural products or extracts of natural products. They may indeed do so, but when products such as parabens are added, natural products will lose their healing properties.

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are derivatives from the petrochemical industry. They were first discovered during the 1920’s and initially added to foods such as pickles and bottled sauces. Scientists soon discovered they did a great job in preserving other compounds than food products. Before long parabens started to appear in household cleaners and more importantly in cosmetics.

Adding parabens was a great way for manufacturers to increase productivity and manufacture larger batches. This, in turn, led to the mass marketing of cosmetics and cut down on production costs. It was fantastic for the manufacturers but not so good for the end user. Interestingly enough, It is around this time an increase in cases of skin related health problems such as eczema and skin cancer, were first noticed.

The main problem with parabens is that they lay on top of our skin in form of a crystal and UV rays from the sun pass through them. This causes among other things premature aging of the skin and more serious damage to skin cells. Today, we know parabens may, in fact, be the culprit behind skin cancer. One of the most common products containing parabens is sun care products.

Parabens will also cause eczema and there is a strong link to the skin care disease psoriasis, and other harmful skin conditions. All of which are today more commonplace and doctors will always recommend natural skin care to patients who suffer from a variety of skin care problems. Natural and organic skin care products do not contain any parabens and other artificial products which can do damage to your skin.

The Health Benefits of Both Natural and Organic Skin Care

Once you start using natural skin care products, you will soon notice your overall skin health will improve rapidly. The effects can often be dramatic. You may even notice changes within a couple of weeks of having switched to natural products.


Natural Skin Care ProductsPositive Skin Changes When Using Natural Skin Care Products

The first thing you will notice is likely a better skin texture. This means your skin will feel less stretched. If you are a person who suffers from outbreaks of acne, you will notice outbreaks will become less frequent and eventually disappear altogether.

More mature skins will often undergo the most dramatic transformations. A lack of moisture is often the problem for the formation and appearance of wrinkles. Organic skin care products are mostly alcohol-free or will contain more natural alcohols which do not dry out the skin. Once the moisture balance is restored in the skin, wrinkles will start to disappear naturally. In fact, it can be said your skin is healing itself.

Age spots and sun damage will clear up as the antioxidants in natural skin care products will go to work, and help the skin to deal with skin damage to the upper layers of the skin.

What Are Antioxidants?

Most of us think antioxidants are only found in food, but that is not true. All natural products, even skin care products, will contain a generous amount of antioxidants. Just like when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables, the natural antioxidants in organic skin care will chase away free radicals.

Free radicals exist in our entire body and can do untold damage. Don’t forget the skin is a major organ and is there to protect us. When we use natural skin care products we increase our daily intake of antioxidants. We are feeding our skin instead of robbing it of many natural health-giving properties such as oils and vitamins like vitamin D. Our skin does indeed help the body to convert amino acids into energy for our body to use.

Organic skin care products are in particular good for us and our skin as no pesticides have been used to produce them. However, top quality manufacturers of natural skin care products will only use organically grown base ingredients. They know the product will benefit the customer and end user more plus achieve results which do not only appear quickly but are long-lasting. Investing in natural skin care products is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.