1. Buy a Humidifier
    In winter low humidity and harsh winds, take their toll and deplete natural moisture. Skin requires between 25% to 30% humidity, and a heated room is usually around 10%. If you use a humidifier, you can return moisture to the air and your skin. Beneficial to relieve coughs and clear congestion. Keep filters clean, otherwise bacteria and fungi can grow.
  2. Use Gentle Cleansers
    Soap tends to deplete your skin of its natural moisturizers. Use a hydrating body wash that will soothe and protect your skin. Five minutes shower in lukewarm water and apply moisturiser as soon as possible to seal in the moisture and keep your skin soft.
  3. Add a Hydrating Mask
    A hydrating mask infuses vitamins into your skin and helps increase moisture levels. These masks are usually thick and soothing and leave your skin with a beautiful glow.
  4. Wear Sunscreen
    365 days a year no matter what the weather is like, Rain – Sun – Snow. It doesn’t matter how warm or cold it is. Sun-damaged skin has minimal ability to function normally so it can look luminous and silken. Sun damage leads to a host of problems that keep your skin from looking its best.
  5. Lips Vulnerable to Dry Harsh Conditions
    Because lips lack the oils and skin structure of the rest of the face, they are least capable of remaining smooth and soft. Apply lip care balm.
  6. Exfoliate
    Do it year-round (turn over the top layer and replace it with newer, smoother cells that can better protect skin) is a great way to prevent dryness and dull skin. Regular exfoliation will prep your skin for your moisturizer.
  7. Moisturise
    Keep your skin hydrated by moisturising morning and night. For especially dry skin, reapply moisturiser throughout the day.

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