5 Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

Today, many skin care products are filled with chemicals, and unnatural ingredients that have been proven to damage your skin.
Some have even been shown to cause cancer. Below I’ve written about just a few of them, so you can learn what skin care ingredients to avoid:

#1  Mineral Oil

First on the list is mineral oil, which can be found in a large majority of the skin care products sold today. Mineral oil is also called liquid paraffin, petrolatum and paraffin wax when you read the label.

The reason it is used in skin care products so often is because it is so cheap. If the companies use cheaper ingredients, they make more money.

Good news for them, bad news for you.

When you apply mineral oil on your skin, because it clogs up your pores and your skin is unable to breathe.

It disrupts your body’s natural ability eliminate toxins, which can lead to serious problems, such as acne flare-ups. It has also been shown to irritate your skin, if used regularly for a prolonged period of time.

Last, but not least is the fact that your skin can become dependent on it, which can lead to dry, and flaky skin. On top of this, it can cause your skin to age faster.

Don’t you think it is amazing that mineral oil is allowed in skin care creams at all?

#2  Synthetic Fragrances

Fragrances sure smell nice, but I strongly recommend you use a touch of perfume instead of buying skin care products that contain unnatural substances.

Your skin creams should be completely free from any fragrances, or unnatural chemicals for that matter.

Why?….  Because fragrances are usually made from toxic, or even carcinogenic ingredients, and you do not want them anywhere near your skin, or your body!

Anything you put on your skin will be absorbed, so you have to be very careful about what you put on it.

The reason I recommend you use perfume instead is because while perfume does contain some bad ingredients, it is much less than many skin care products.

I’m a realist, so I know that people won’t stop using these products, and with a perfume or a deodorant, you can use a tiny amount, and still smell amazing.

The bottom line is that you want to minimize, or better yet, completely eliminate any dangerous fragrance chemicals from your life.

#3  Dioxane

Dioxane is a synthetic derivative of coconut. It is used a lot in skin care products today. It also contains high amounts of something called 1,4-dioxane, which by the state of California is considered to cause cancer.

Dioxane is very easily absorbed by your skin. Imagine that people pay money to apply this stuff on their body.

#4  Paraben

In today’s lotions, moisturizers, creams and gels, many kinds of parabens are used. A few of them are butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben.

They prolong the shelf-life of skin care products, and they are also very cheap to use, so you can see why many companies add them to their products.

However, recent studies have shown that parabens may interfere with your body’s endocrine system and even cause cancer. Parabens can also cause skin problems and allergic reactions.

#5  Alcohols

There are many different synthetic alcohols you have to look out for, such as ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.

They irritate, dry and slowly destroy your skin. They do this by removing your skin’s acid mantle, which makes you more prone to bacteria, viruses and moulds.

Now that you’re starting to get a better grip of what to watch out for, it’s time to have a look at what high-quality, natural ingredients you should look for in an effective skin care cream.