What is an olive (Οlea Εuropaea)

Ελιά – Olive: The blessed tree of Greece in mythology, history, science and its nutritional value.

History and Mythology

What is an Olive Tree ?. Olive tree worshiped by our ancient ancestors. According to Greek-Mythology, Athena donated to the Athenians the first olive tree in the world. The tree flourish and grow where Athena, struck her spear, during the struggle between the gods, on who will be the protector of Athens.

The Mycenaeans offered olive oil to the Gods, while Homer called the olive “the gold liquid of healthy diet.” Aristotle regarded olive cultivation as a science, while Hippocrates used olive oil remedies as a medicine.

According to mythology, Hercules planted an olive tree in the temple of Hera in ancient Olympia, after completing its twelve feats. It was known as the “Οlive sun dried leaves”, from which the Crown (Kooten) was handed to excelled athletes. This Crown was of a great value and it was of greatest honor to wear it.

In addition, olive oil has been offered to the winners in Panathenaic amphorae. A source of inspiration also today, as the olive wreath was chosen as a symbol of the 2004 Olympics. Continue Reading…