5 surprising benefits of olive oil for hair growth in man

A long time ago, Olive trees planted over 8000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin got noticed because of the benefits of olive oil to health. Today many countries in the world grow this tree. Spain tops the countries of the world in olive oil production. Olives, packed full of vitamins and minerals, contain healthy fats. Ever since the discovery of this oil, their use has been consumption, and cosmetic.

At the turn of the century, men began paying attention to grooming. This led to the discovery of products for cosmetic and hair care. Olive oil contributed to men grooming all over the world.

There are myths circulating the internet about this oil. A blog claimed olive oil increases testosterone levels and sperm count. If only there was a study carried out to prove this theory.

We are looking into the immense benefits of olive oil to the hair growth in men.

  1. Promote scalp health and nourishment
    Olive oil contains vitamin E. It helps with inflammation and reduces risk of cancer. The oil has the keeps hair from dehydration, inflammation and minor diseases. Don’t confuse this for prevention of diseases or treatment. Olive oil only keeps the scalp nourished enough to ward off these conditions. Olive oil prevents dry scalp, a condition that progresses to dandruff. It does this by improving blood flow and circulation on the scalp. To enjoy this benefit, dry your hair with a towel. Apply a generous quantity of olive oil to your palms. Rub the palms together to distribute the oil across the palms and gently massage into the scalp. Does this again if your hair is longer than an inch or until the whole hair is gets oiled. To enjoy the most benefits do this daily especially after getting a haircut or shave. To reduce pain or inflammation, you may add CBD tincture to olive oil for treatment. Keep in mind, healthy scalp equals healthy hair.
  1. Conditions and de-tangles
    Olive oil is your best to de-tangle that hair.
    To use olive oil as conditioner, warm the oil a little bit by keeping the container in warm water. Fetch ample amount of the oil and massage into hair from the scalp. Cover hair; allow hair to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Shampoo the hair and dry with a towel. After moisturizing, you will notice the hair improves in luster. The hair will also be loose and free of frizz.
    To de-tangle any section of hair, apply olive oil to that section. This should lubricate the hair knots in that section. Use a hair pick or comb to de-tangle hair. Hair should de-tangle without pain or struggle.
  1. Boost hair growth
    Hair growth is all about nourishment. Nourishment comes from vitamins and minerals. Olive oil contains vitamin E, Vitamin K, mono-unsaturated fatty acids and other minerals. These vitamins and minerals supply hair follicles with the necessary nutrients to grow.
  1. Nourishes Beard
    Beard oil should moisturize, and provide the necessary nutrients to stimulate hair follicles. Good oil should keep beard well groomed and moisturized. Olive oil has all the mentioned qualities and more. To use olive oil on the beard, apply a liberal amount of the oil unto your palms and massage into the beard. Olive oil has some oxidation properties which help to keep the skin on the face healthy. Those who are prone to itch on the beard can be rest assured olive oil will take care of that.
  1. Ideal for all hair types
    Olive oil works wonders for vast hair types. It conditions and fixes dry or damaged hair. Olive hair is suitable Straight hair, curly hair, or nappy hair. Whatever the hair type may be, olive oil proves suitable. Olive oil does not contain artificial compounds or preservatives. It is 100% natural oil. Olive oil is safe for use in adults, children and even babies.

Olive oil is affordable and useful for cosmetic purposes. It has proven effective in reducing the symptoms of hair loss. It does this through supplying hair follicles with the required nutrients to grow