Slow Down the Aging Process Naturally With These Everyday Tips

This is a subject that gets closer and closer to my heart as time goes by. I have cared so closely for so many elderly and disabled people that I have masses of information about senior health and natural medicines to give you! But first, there are two simple things which can transform the everyday senior health of everyone over sixty. However – there’s a catch! You have to WANT to GET better, to BE better, to have MORE energy, to get back into the stream of life. No matter how old you are.

1. There’s the rub! It’s so common for older people to become tired – to give up – because time whizzes by and the body slows down and you feel as though it’s all over! Well it needn’t be! Getting older often means SITTING DOWN more and then its catch 22 you do less, you want to do less you sleep more, you eat more the joints can’t cope and start to hurt its a slippery slope. But if you could feel better in 48 hours from doing just TWO simple exercises wouldn’t it be worth trying?? Studies have shown that Senior Health is hugely affected by two BIG factors.

  • One not enough oxygen
  • Two not enough water

Can it be that simple? Could breathing more and drinking more water really help you to get back some pizzazz? I can hear you making all kinds of excuses already!! Ha Ha Listen to yourself! (“oh but if I drink more I have to go to the toilet more”… sure you do, but the other benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience). Trust me… for a just a few days. Give these simple exercises a try and your personal senior health will improve. FIRST – the OXYGEN exercise – I call it your “BISTOR” workout and you can do this sitting down watching TV, in the bathroom, at the kitchen sink, lying in bed… The more often you do it, the better.

Think of a pair of lungs. There are four sections, two on each side. You are going to put some air deeply, but gently, into each of your lung sections, and keep it there for just a few seconds. You will be awakening some areas that have had hardly any air in them for years, because mostly we breathe using the top one third of our lung capacity. Only do these exercises if you DO NOT HAVE any diagnosed lung condition! Take a deep breath, then take three little breaths in further… like a little suck, suck, suck. Hold it for a couple of seconds… and then blow it out, and give the three little blow blow blows. That’s it. Breathe normally for a minute or two and then do it again. You shouldn’t feel dizzy or have any pain. (If you feel dizzy don’t do it so deeply at first, or hold for more than a couple of seconds.)

Putting more oxygen into your blood will help your cells get robust and healthy again, and improves your ability to MAKE energy. It’s as simple as that. (I have put a longer biochem explanation in the glossary under oxygen).so start by doing this simple oxy-exercise just TEN TIMES A DAY. You’ll stop feeling like a senior! Then add five each day as you get comfortable with it. Once you start to feel the benefit.

ADD A STRETCH try standing up by a wall or doorway, stretching up and then taking a deep breath and hold it, at the same time tensing some of your muscles in your legs and buttocks, arms, chest or neck. What will be happening is that OXYGEN RICH BLOOD will be rushing to those muscle groups, feeding and nourishing them. You don’t have to do anything vigorous, just Breathe, Stretch, Tense breathe Out and Relax. BISTOR!

  • Your mental energy – focus, concentration WILL improve
  • The quality of your sleep WILL improve
  • The quality of your energy WILL improve
  • And Just Maybe – your sex drive will improve! That’d be a BONUS!
  • Also Medications you may be taking will start to work better.
  • Joy of life WILL improve,

NOW EXERCISE TWO Senior health improvement at a glug!

It’s just four extra glasses of water each day. Not tea or coffee OK, water doesn’t taste that good, so you have to have a couple of little treats associated with it. First a really nice glass something light, something beautiful, something that brings pleasure to the eye when you look at it.

Go to the glass cabinet and choose your most favorite glass and place it on a mat beside the sink. Then, maybe something tasty to put in it like lemon juice or some drops of elderflower cordial. The temperature has to be right too and TEPID is easier to drink than cold or hot. Believe me.. YOU KIDNEYS WILL LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

Now add just ONE Alternative medicine remedy – A TISSUE SALT – a day to give those bones and muscles a treat. Remember – Senior Health is what YOU choose it to be, so let’s get cracking to improve your personal health and start to cure some of those old age niggles!

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