Poisons & Toxins In Your Clothing And Cosmetics?

For most people this kind of information is not really known. For those of you who are coming to this website you will know some of this information. Share this page link with your social media groups to get the word out. It really is important to let them know what they are doing to their health daily,just by the simple choices they make that they think are just fine.

Poisons & Toxins

So many people out there who are feeling unusual symptoms or chronic unwellness issues will find that this is one of the key areas that may be the source for much of what is going on with them.
The human body is not designed to process out these kind of chemicals. The filter systems are set up to detox normal human by products toxins from the food we eat the air we breath and the water we drink.

It is also set up to manage the effects of occasional stress and exercise. Daily events for those people who live 100 years ago is much different from today. Today we are in a constant state of over stimulus. From so many things that just did not exist decades ago. This is not what the body is capable of managing without ending up sick from it.

This is why we are seeing such a massive increase in various states of unwellness today.

We need to realize that as your load of toxins from both your normal biological events that occur and the daily toxins we are exposed to exceed the ability to detox you end up with cellular breakdown. This in turn creates symptoms. If they are not correctly diagnosed at the time, more often then not you are harmed again from the very things used to try to get you well.

The toxic load can build very slowly over decades or can occur overnight. Either way it will eventually make you ill.

So be proactive and take care of yourself by just using your head and thinking before you put yourself into a toxic accumulation situation. Begin with organic clothing and bio cosmetics and work backward from there. Then think of what you are using in your jobs and you home. Make it organic.

Poisons & Toxins In Your Clothing And Cosmetics