8 Aloe Vera Benefits for skin

Aloe Vera is a plant with many nutrients and can help reduce the signs of aging. Discover more Aloe Vera benefits for skin so as you will appreciate more its’ value.

Many of the changes we observe in our skin during the years as we get older, makes us consider and search for ways to stop it. Of course, ageing cannot be stopped, but we can certainly slow down the procedure to a minimum, thus delaying aging.

To care for this so sensitive part of our body, the skin, we can use Aloe Vera Body lotion, or other natural ingredients that we have at our disposal to nourish our skin and prevent its deterioration.

Aloe Vera is an ancient plant that offers countless benefits. Numerous researches have shown that it is very effective. Today, Aloe Vera is very common in bio cosmetics.

  • Aloe Vera Body Butter (200ml)

    • Aloe Vera Body Butter with Cocoa and Karite Butter Provides deep hydration and shine, forming a thin protective layer that holds moisture inside the skin without clogging the pores while it Energizes and Nourishes your body.
    • Βούτηρο Σώματος με Aloe Vera, Κακάο και Kαρίτιο. Παρέχει βαθιά ενυδάτωση και λάμψη, σχηματίζοντας ένα λεπτό προστατευτικό στρώμα που συγκρατεί την υγρασία μέσα στο δέρμα χωρίς να φράξει τους πόρους ενώ ταυτόχρονα είναι Θρεπτικό και αναζωογονητικό για το σώμα σας.
    18.50 (19% VAT Included) Select options
  • Aloe Vera Body Lotion with Olive Oil (130ml)

    Aloe Vera Body Lotion
    • Creamy Texture
    • Leaves your skin with a soft scent that last all day!
    • Κρεμώδη υφή
    • Αφήνει στο δέρμα σας ένα απαλό άρωμα που διαρκεί όλη την ημέρα!
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  • Hand Cream With Aloe Vera (75ml)

    • The Aloe Vera Hand Cream is Ideal, to moisturise and nourish and repair slight damages on your hands, while on the other hand is  leaving them soft, smooth and non greasy. The cream contains antioxidants, vitamins and tocopherol.
    • Η Κρέμα Χεριών με Αλόη είναι ιδανική για να ενυδατώνει και να θρέφει, καθώς επίσης και να επισκευάζει ελαφριές ζημιές στα χέρια σας, ενώ από την άλλη τα αφήνει μαλακά, λεία και μη λιπαρά. Η κρέμα περιέχει αντιοξειδωτικά στοιχεία, βιταμίνες και τοκοφερόλη.
    9.99 (19% VAT Included) Select options

Aloe Vera is especially important due to its ability to penetrate into the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, and that is why it is the plant that nourishes the skin more. 8 Aloe Vera Benefits for skin among others include the following:

  1. It restores burns due to its anti-inflammatory properties that act on damaged areas.
  2. Its daily use moisturizes and softens the skin as it is an excellent means of regenerating the cells.
  3. Because of its high penetration, it is a powerful healing factor.
  4. Removes dead skin cells and promotes tissue health.
  5. It protects the skin from the damage caused by free radicals.
  6. It counteracts skin irritation and dermatitis, stimulates and strengthens the fibers of collagen and elastin.
  7. Prevents and reduces stretch marks.
  8. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory action and can thus be used as a gel jelly for muscular annoyances.

How can I use Aloe Vera on the skin?

Aloe Vera is available in various forms in  Bio Cosmetic Shops. Aloe Vera Body Cream, is more efficient if it is applied after a bath or a shower and you have dried out your body completely. Then you can gently apply it by massaging your skin.

If you use the cream aloe vera, after you had a hot bath, is more effective since your skin pores are clean and open. You will find out that with this way you will achieve better results.

You can also have one or two pots of Aloe in your home and will discover its benefits immediately. If you decide to buy a pot of aloe, you will discover that it is a plant that needs minimal care and is very easy to use. It loves the sun, so place it in a bright spot.

To remove the jelly, just cut a small piece of the leaf and remove the bark and thorns. Once you remove them you will discover a gelatinous and transparent tissue. You should also remove a kind of yellow oil (aloin), which can cause irritation.

You can place this gel directly on the skin or at the site of the lesion, such as a burn or a wound that has already closed, thus feeding the skin. You will feel your skin cool and you will be relieved. In this way, Aloe does not lose its properties and better nutrition of its nutrients in the skin tissue is achieved.

The most widely recommended method is to cut a whole sheet. In this case, the outer leaves of the plant are used. Store in the refrigerator the amount you will not use. With the remaining amount you can also make juice.

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