Face Yoga – An Anti-Aging Technique

Modern folks are consistently on the lookout to either improve their appearance or slow down the effects of aging. Skin condition, genetics, stress, work and many other issues affect how quickly we age.

Our diet is one of the many determining factors that affect the way we age. The healthier we eat, albeit more vegetables and fruits vs. unhealthy consumption of sugar, fat and meat, the slower we age…this is a proven fact. If you can’t change your diet completely overnight, changing the way you eat slowly over a period of time will suffice. And of course, exercise can also slow down the aging process because it helps the body detoxify and exercise massages the internal organs, helping keep it well-oiled.

If you’re into anti-aging products, services and methods, you must have heard about how beneficial yoga is for us emotionally, physically and psychologically. After a long day of sitting down in front of the computer or stuck in a frustrating traffic gridlock, stretching all those aching muscles with yoga can invigorate the body. But did you know if you want to look years younger, apart from using the right products, by doing facial yoga twice a day


Facial yoga may make you look a tad odd if you do it in the middle of a crowded bus stop but stretching your facial muscles can tighten muscles on your face and in the process, strengthen sagging skin and also reduce lines and wrinkles. So, if you want to look years younger faster, all you have to do is to head over to the office bathroom twice a day and stretch those facial muscles of yours. Dermatologists and skincare professionals agree that there are too many benefits to doing yoga to ignore.

Step one, tighten ALL the muscles on your face as much as you can, hold it and then release it. Step two, round up your mouth the way you would when blowing out candles, hold it and release. This action makes for firmer lips and reduces lines around the mouth. Step three, open up your eyes and without moving your head, look up, down, left and right very slowly, holding the direction for a couple of seconds before looking elsewhere. This helps reduce the lines around your eyes, especially crow’s feet.

Step four, open up your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as it will go! You’ll feel the muscles around your mouth stretching, hold it while it works! Step five; purse your mouth and lips up very strongly. Hold this for a few seconds. This exercise helps strengthen the chin, cheeks and neck. Finally, open up your eyes as huge as you can open them, look ahead of you. You can feel your eyebrow disappearing into your hairline…yes, you’re doing it right.

By doing the above on a regular basis on top of using the right products to make you feel and look absolutely smashing can push the hands of the clock back by as far as eight years. Don’t believe me….try it and see it for yourself.